Episode 2

Gabrielle and her young lover, John, are surprised when her husband Carlos returns unexpectedly. John jumps out the window, but fortunately, Carlos can not notice that he is naked above the waist, he sees only trim the hedge usual. Carlos made a surprise his wife by offering her a string, only she is bored. He asks her what is bothering her, she replied that their marriage is not like before and she wants him to overtake more often. She goes to John after finding that it is too risky to continue this extra marital affair with her.After making love, he offers her a single red rose, “it’s perfect, just like you.” Thus, she realized that John had fallen in love with her. Carlos surprises his wife by buying her a new sports car. When asked if this is the best gift she ever received, she lies in answering “yes” even if this John is much more to him.

Susan and her friends trying to decide what they should do with the message found in compromising Mary Alice. When Susan was determined to see the husband of the deceased, he replied that he did not care to know the reasons for the suicide of his wife, Susan then revealed nothing of the letter. Meanwhile, Paul threw in a lake he had unearthed a trunk, but hardly has he left the place she began to float …

Bree asks Rex if he will cancel the scheduled appointment with the lawyer and start marriage counseling. It solves it. With Dr. Goldfine, Rex said that Bree does not like to talk about his feelings, and he wondered if she really was. Bree but is distracted by a rambling button jacket doctor. When Bree meets the doctor only a week later, she sews her jacket instead of talking about their problems.


Ms. Huber help Edie to travel the ruins of her house, she is suspicious when Edie denies ever owned a glass measure found her. Ms. Huber has discovered through his mother Julie, Susan, lost her glass measuring the link between the two cases.

Unruly boys Lynette does not want fasten their seatbelts in a mini van. It is then stopped by a policeman.But when the agent critical qualities of mother, she explodes with rage! The poor policeman intimidated by the woman let her go with a warning.

Ms. Huber gives advice to Lynette telling him how her mother behaved with her, she left her on the sidewalk and went. Desperate, Lynette tries this tactic. But when she returns retrieve her children, she can not find them. A neighbor collected them and threatens to call social services. But the little monsters to help their mother, attacked the woman, they can not be perfect, but they are loyal.

Susan is terrified when she meets Mike leaving his trash when she is wearing her gown, not even makeup.She tried her luck and invited him to dinner, but as it is a poor cook, he proposes to do it at home.

Mike in the evening, Susan is discouraged when the dog Mike Bongo, does not seem like it while love Edie.To make sure he likes the young woman’s ear slice of fat. Everything goes well until the animal begins to cough: he swallowed the earring of the unfortunate invited! As Mike led the dog to the vet, the evening is canceled. Mike confesses to Susan that he was so upset by that Bongo was the dog of his deceased wife.Susan is relieved, Mike does not want him, but she realizes that he still has not fully mourn his wife.

What she does not know at this point is that the young man keeps a pistol, wads of money and a card Wisteria Lane in the closet of his kitchen …